Шановні громадяни України,
Кабінет чеської мови для іноземців приймає заявки на участь у вже розпочатих безкоштовних курсах чеської мови для українських біженців, які проходять раз на тиждень.
Якщо ви зацікавлені, будь ласка, напишіть нам на електронну адресу kabcest@phil.muni.cz і чекайте на запрошення для написання вступного тесту.
Курси призначені для тих, хто може підтвердити свій статус українського біженця штампом або візою в паспорті.
Кількість місць на курсах обмежена.

Masaryk University Language Preparation

Aimed at foreign students doing their master’s or doctoral studies at Masaryk University (as part of a study programme in Czech).

Academic year 2023/24

Autumn semester
(September - December 2023, 13 academic weeks) 8 academic hours/week
Spring semester
(February - May 2024, 13 academic weeks) 8 academic hours/week

Study programme

At the beginning of the first semester the student takes an entrance test, which will determine their starting level in Czech.

Students of all levels (i.e. Beginners I - II, Pre-intermediate I - III, Intermediate I - III, Advanced I - V, Very advanced I - V) will be allocated to existing courses in the Department of Czech for Foreigners.

Subjects (and therefore credits) from the Masaryk University Language Preparation are not entered into the Information System.

During both semesters the student takes subtests, and the Masaryk University Language Preparation concludes with final written and oral exams at the end of the second semester of study for the given level of Czech language that the student has reached during their studies.

The student is presented with a certificate confirming the level they have obtained, which they can then present to their own faculty, who will then decide if Czech will be recognised as a foreign language for the student.


Beginners I - II grammar + conversation + phonetics
Pre‑Intermediate I - II grammar + conversation + phonetics (+ interpretation of a literary text)
Pre‑Intermediate III grammar + conversation + interpretation of a literary text
Intermediate I - III grammar + conversation + phonetics (+ creative writing + interpretation of a literary text)
Advanced I - V grammar + conversation + phonetics + orthography + lexical-stylistic exercises + Czech life and history (+ creative writing + interpretation of a literary text + translator seminar)
Very Advanced I - V grammar + conversation + phonetics + orthography + lexical-stylistic exercises + Czech life and history (+ creative writing + interpretation of a literary text + translator seminar)

Teaching aids

Rešková, I., Pintarová, M.: Communicative Czech (Elementary Czech)
Rešková, I., Pintarová, M.: Communicative Czech (Intermediate Czech)
Bischofová, J. a kol.: Čeština pro středně a více pokročilé
Internal texts and exercises of the Department of Czech for Foreigners prepared for particular levels and subjects

Completion of particular semesters

After finishing the second semester the student takes a final test composed of the individual parts which make up the course (see Description).

The level of the student is classified according to the ECTS scale (A, B, C, D, E, F) and course attendance + test rated according to ECTS credits (recommended number of credits 6 + 2, in total 8). The given faculty decides about the recognition of credits in the study programme of the student.

If the student fails both the original test and both retakes, they do not receive the credits.


Senior and assistent lecturers of the Department of Czech for Foreigners.


Department of Czech for Foreigners accepts applications for the autumn semester 2023/24 until September 5, 2023, or until the programme capacity is full.

Application Application

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